Saturday, May 21, 2016

a little bit of springtime

I'm back to share the same crabapple trees I  showed in my last post when 
they were in the bud stage. 
I thought you might like to see them right after the buds open and then again 
after they have aged a few days on the tree.

As you can see, the blooms open up to a lovely pink.

Once the blooms age they turn this beautiful soft pink.

Below are the blooms of the Canada Red Chokecherry trees. Almost impossible to photograph
on the tree because the limbs are so wimpy that even with the very slightest breeze they move
and never seem to stop.
You can see them in the in the foreground of the fifth photo from the top.

I love the sweet violets that grow in the spring. 

Grape Hyacinths are one of my all time favorite spring flowers.

 I feel so bad for my neglected blog, but life has been happening around 
here at warp speed.
I hope to get back to share some of the amazing lilacs that are blooming right now
and in spite of the rain, have been holding up beautifully.
To all of you who read this blog, I thank you with all my heart that you are here, 
and soon I will be able to get around to see you all again.
 sending a hug to you all!!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Centurion Crabapple tree

This tree has stolen my heart over the years, but I never would
have thoughtit possible. It was such an ugly duckling when I
first brought it home because it had been left in it's nursery pot
too long and was very root bound. I bought it because it was
cheap at $50.00, marked down from$100.00 and the only one I
could afford at the time.It was the second tree (the first was a southwest
border pine) I had bought for this garden and when I got it home it
looked so lonesome sitting in it's place that the next day I went
and bought another one just like it (root-bound at all) and planted it
a few feet away in the lawn behind the house.

For the first five years they put on very little growth,
the result of being in pots too small for the size of root ball.
I almost had my husband pull them out several times, but thought
I would give them one more year to show what they could do,
and that went on year after year.

 Slowly the tree was taking on a decent shape and growing well.
Even in the beginning though, it would flower so abundantly that I decided
I could get used to them and let them stay.

I am so glad I did!
They have finally grown into beautiful trees and have totally
redeemed themselves in the eye of this gardener.

The bloom of this tree is so interesting in that it starts out this deep deep pink
and very soon after it opens, the blooms turn to the palest pink and the branches are
so packed that you can hardly see the leaves.

Thank you Centurion for being so beautiful!

I think I got a good return on my $100 !

Don't you love it when an ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan ?

Monday, March 28, 2016

In the studio

I wanted to share some snaps around the studio today.
It's spring and I need to do some cleaning and that means
things will get changed up again, so I wanted to post how it looks right now.

some favorite lace pieces

a lovely postcard of a vintage wedding

crystals from an old chandelier I bought at a yard sale that I have yet to
paint and find a place to hang

cluttered shelves of useful (and not so useful) things

A few shots of the inspiration board

jars of lace

more jars of lace

baby bonnet on my favorite blue cabinet

worktable clutter

I started the post with lace so I'll end with lace

Do you want to know the real reason I am cleaning it up in here?
I asked Dale if he would build me some stairs to the loft and he went out to
see what he would need to do and there was so much stuff in the way he just shut
the door and came back into the house.
Notice I didn't take any wide shots?
Too ashamed to share the mess :))))