Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A little Valentine tree----and, I won Jane's giveaway!

I wanted to share a little Valentine tree I decorated for the month of February.

I had saved one of the smaller trees (taller than me) that I had decorated for Christmas,
knowing that it would be perfect to hang some of the leftover hearts I had been
making heart garlands for a couple of my granddaughter's rooms.


I tied some of my dried roses together and then hung a little Maileg cone that my 
friend Sarah had given me and filled it with a few of buds

I want you to know that I have strategically placed the tree where my husband 
has to walk around it.
I wonder if it's a big enough hint?
He knows I'm easily pleased with chocolate :)

Yes, I'm still seems like I will never finish, but the little 
tree has been a bright spot.

Quite awhile ago, in fact, before Christmas, I won a wonderful giveaway by Jane from 
Blondie's Journal! I wanted to share it sooner, but had to find the photos I had taken of 
her lovely presentation of it. The book, The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels 
was beautifully wrapped in Christmas paper and Jane had added some of the seeds she 
had gathered from her own gardens for me to plant in mine. I'm so thankful
for this thoughtful gift. Now I will have something to remind me of Jane growing
right her in Idaho! Jane and I have been blogging friends for years and I can't imagine 
anyone not familiar with her blog, but if you're not, you should go see the
Birthday Party for her darling little granddaughter Elsie!

I have a little Valentine vignette I hope to share in my next post, so see you soon!

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's a pink kind of day

I went through some photos today that I can't remember posting before,
and since it has been too overcast here to shoot something new,
I thought I would post some of the pinks that were in some of the files.

I am finally forcing myself to paint the living room, kitchen, family room and
a bedroom, so it will be awhile before I have much new to share here :)))

Oh, how I hate to paint!
I have put it off for too long, and now it is a must.

Like it or not,
I will be climbing up and down the ladder,
(I always fall off it at least once in the process)
sometimes even with a can in my hand))

dripping paint all over the place
(because I am messy that way),

going to the store with paint in my hair,
and probably in my painting clothes too,

living on smoothies and salads because I won't
want to cook in all the chaos,

Oh yes,
and there will be a little swearing going on as well.


I don't know, 
maybe it will go faster than I think it will and I won't have to do too much swearing 
and maybe bake some cookies in the middle of it all.
I will let you know how it goes.

Sending hugs your way!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

On this Christmas Eve...

On this Christmas Eve
I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!

I am grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ, the babe in the manger,
my Redeemer and Savior of the world!

I wish for you all, whatever your beliefs, and however you celebrate,
Peace that comes to our hearts this time of year and Joy
that seems to still our troubles past.


A little shabby house I bought at a farm sale this spring that my husband moved to the 
back of the property to become a little bunk house, or playhouse.

Let us all have Hope in our hearts through all of 2016 and make it 
a wonderful year for those we love!

Wishing all of you a Magical Christmastime!!!